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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Challenge: Classic Eclectic

I love a good challenge, and I must admit, this one was tough for me. When I came across Ally's "What's Your Style in One Picture Challenge III?" post on her blog, From the Right Bank, I knew I wanted to participate. She challenged fellow bloggers to upload one photo that summed up their design style. Not a problem, right? Well, it wasn't that easy for me. While I feel that my personal style is a mix of many (I'm a blue jean, high-heel wearing girl), it was hard to pinpoint an exact illustration of my design style. After thinking about the elements I choose and why I choose them, I have finally found the photo that illustrates my style - what I will call Classic and Comfortable Eclectic.

Image from Houzz

Elements that I love about the photo and why it portrays my style:
1) Classic, traditional trimwork paired with modern, contemporary elements and accessories. I especially love the modern coffee table next to the more formal fireplace.
2) A Light "Base" - Neutral, light walls and trimwork with classic wood floors.
3) Window Treatments - I love these to soften a space!
4) Clean-lined, comfortable sofa in a solid fabric. This is the "blue jeans" of the space, if you will, while the formal trimwork is the "high heels."
5) Pops of color - a must for me! These sofa pillows really hit the mark.
6) Contrasting rug for a bit of personality.
7) Built-in Bookcase - I love a good nook for accessorizing.
8) Fresh flowers - Every space needs these to make you feel at home.
9) Although this photo does not show any antique furniture (a love of mine), I feel that any piece would fit right in.

Thanks, Ally, for the challenge. I can't wait for the next one!